Paisley Off-White BJJ Gi
Paisley Off-White BJJ Gi
Paisley Off-White BJJ Gi
Paisley Off-White BJJ Gi
Paisley Off-White BJJ Gi
Paisley Off-White BJJ Gi
Paisley Off-White BJJ Gi
Paisley Off-White BJJ Gi

Paisley Off-White BJJ Gi

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Size Chart


Below is a general size chart for our kimonos and apparel. Please note that our kimonos fit a little bigger than most brands to help compensate for future shrinkage. Our kimonos also come pre-shrunk, however, since the fabric is made of cotton there is always extra shrinkage regardless during the wash and dry cycle.

Size Weight(lbs) Height(lbs)
Al 110-140 5'2"-5'5"
A2 140-170 5'2"-5'5"
A3 170-210 5'9-6'1"
A4 210-250 6'2-6'5"
A5 >250lbs >6'5"
AIL 135-160 5'6"-5'11"
A2L 160-190 5'11"-6'3"
A3L 170-200 6'3-6'6"
A4L 200-230 6'6-6'9"
ATH 140-165 5'2"-5'5"
A2H 70-210 5'6"-5'8"
A3H 210-250 5'8"-6'0"
A4H 220-260 5'8"-6'2"
Size Weight(lbs) Height(lbs)
FO 85-115 4'10"-5'1"
ENRY 115-130 5'2"-5'5"
F2 130-165 5'6-5'9"
F3 165-190 5'10-6'1"
F4 190-220 5'11"-6'2"
Size Weight(lbs) Height(lbs)
M000 35 to 45 3'2-3'8
MOO 45 to 50 3'9"-4
MO 50-60 4-4'3"
MI 65-80 4'3"-4'6"
M2 80-95 4'6"-4'9"
M3 95-110 4'9-5
Chest Size
28"-32" XS
34"-36" S
38"-40" M
42"-44" L
46"-48" XL
50"-52" XXL
52"-54" XXXL
Chest Size Length
16 XS 25
17 S 26
18 M 27
19 L 28
20 XL 28.5
21 XXL 29
Short Size Waist Size
2X-LARGE 38"
3X-LARGE 40"
4X-LARGE 42"
Size Waist Size Height
S 30/32 5'8" and under
M 34 5'8" - 5'11"
L 36 6'0"-6'2"
XL 38 6'2"-6'4"
XXL 40 6'3" and above

This gi is adorned with a stunning paisley mandala embroidered in a harmonious blend of teal green, light blue, gold, and olive green threads, creating a breathtaking centerpiece on the back. The sleeves are elegantly detailed with paisley motifs, while the jacket bottom and thigh of the pants boast the RollBliss logo and a large paisley motif, respectively, intricately embroidered in teal green and gold threads. A true fusion of art and high fashion, this gi redefines elegance in the world of martial arts attire.

Key Features:

Artistry in Design: Immerse yourself in the allure of teal green adorned with opulent off-white and intricate gold and teal green detailing. Paisley mandala, meticulously embroidered on the back of the jacket, elevate the aesthetics to the pinnacle of sophistication.

RollBliss Iconic Logo: Proudly showcase the RollBliss legacy with our iconic logo, elegantly positioned on the jacket bottom—a mark of distinction and opulence that resonates with every move.

Luxurious Fabric: Experience the unmatched comfort and durability of the unbleached 450 gsm pearl weave jacket and 10 oz twill cotton pant. This gi isn't just stylish; it's designed to stand out in performance and style.

Elastic Waistband and Branded Drawstring: Enjoy a flawless fit with an elastic waistband and inside branded drawstring, seamlessly blending functionality with high-end style.

Luxury Redefined: Paisley Off-White BJJ Gi is not just an outfit; it's a movement in elegance. With every roll, experience the fusion of sophistication and functionality—a true embodiment of RollBliss' commitment to high-end fashion in sports apparel.

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