Craig Jones vs. ADCC : Winner Takes All

The jiu jitsu community is buzzing with excitement over a sizzling topic that's dominating every mat-side chat and social media feed. Craig Jones has thrown down the gauntlet by going head-to-head with ADCC, scheduling his own tournament in Las Vegas at the exact time as the prestigious ADCC Championships. This bold move has even caught the attention of none other than Joe Rogan, who recently hosted Craig Jones on his podcast to delve into the details.

Let's break it down. What exactly is the ADCC Championships? Often hailed as the Olympics of Jiu-Jitsu, it's an event that takes place every two years, drawing the world's top jiu-jitsu athletes who've clinched victory in their respective country trials. With its rich history and tradition, winning an ADCC gold medal is seen as the ultimate pinnacle, a ticket to the "GOAT" conversation.

Now, enter the Craig Jones Invitational (CJI). This electrifying event boasts two weight divisions – under 88kg and over 88kg – with a jaw-dropping cash prize of 1 million dollars awaiting the champion of each bracket. This makes it the most lucrative purse ever seen in professional jiu-jitsu. And the location? None other than the vibrant city of Las Vegas, set to coincide with the ADCC Championships.

But here's the dilemma. ADCC is the ultimate showdown, a gathering of the world's best athletes battling it out in a kumite-like fashion. Fans from far and wide invest their time and money to witness this spectacle firsthand, only to find some of their favorite grapplers opting out to chase the million-dollar dream at CJI. With notable names like Nicky Ryan, Jozef Chen, and others making
the switch, the community is torn between excitement and disappointment.

So, how did it all unfold? ADCC extended the olive branch to Craig Jones, a two-time silver medalist and renowned submission grappler. Craig raised a valid point – with the winner of ADCC taking home a mere 10k, it wasn't the most enticing proposition for someone of his caliber. Despite efforts to negotiate a bump in fighter pay, the payout remained unchanged. And thus, the stage was set for Craig to chart his own course, announcing the birth of CJI with its eye-popping prize money.

Craig Jones isn't just a grappler; he's the people's champ, a content king, and a master marketer. His ability to entertain both on and off the mat sets him apart, making him not just a competitor, but a brand unto himself. And while debates rage on about fighter pay and the future of jiu-jitsu, one thing is certain - Craig Jones has ignited a spark that's set the community ablaze with anticipation.


But amidst the clash between Craig Jones and ADCC, one figure looms large in the background, shaping the course of events with his behind-the-scenes efforts. Mo Jassim, the head organizer of ADCC, finds himself at the center of this storm, grappling with the competing demands of tradition and innovation.

When Craig Jones voiced his concerns about fighter pay and hinted at the possibility of hosting his own tournament, it was Mo Jassim who found himself thrust into the spotlight, tasked with navigating the delicate balance between honoring the legacy of ADCC and addressing the legitimate grievances of its athletes.

In many ways, Mo Jassim is the unsung hero of this story, a dedicated steward of the sport who has devoted countless hours and resources to ensuring the success of ADCC. His commitment to providing a platform for athletes to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams is undeniable, even in the face of mounting pressure to adapt to the changing landscape of professional sports.

As we await the outcome of this high-stakes battle, let us not forget the pivotal role that Mo Jassim plays in this unfolding drama. For in the end, it is not just the fighters who will determine the course of history, but the visionaries and trailblazers who dare to dream of a better, brighter future for the sport we all love.

As we look ahead, it's likely that fighter pay at ADCC will see an uptick, while CJI continues to offer athletes a shot at a life- changing payday. And amidst it all, attention is being drawn to the sport like never before, paving the way for growth and recognition on a global scale. In the end, whether it's for charity or competition, the jiu jitsu community emerges as the ultimate winner.